The CHESS Move to Value Summit Receives Award for Excellence

The CHESS 2020 Move to Value Summit, held on October 13-14, has been recognized for excellence and innovation in a prestigious international competition.

The event received a gold in the category of Digital Media Web Events in the 2020 MarCom Awards, an annual competition sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP), recognizes outstanding achievement by creative professionals in the production and design of marketing and communications media.

Now in its 7th year, the Move to Value Summit is a conference focusing on all aspects of value-based care. The Summit features national thought leaders in subject matter areas including care coordination, quality, contracting, compliance, policy, and data analytics.

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the move from an in-person to a virtual event. The challenge was to recreate The Move to Value Summit beyond what standard online meeting platforms or webinar software could offer. So in the spirit of CHESS innovation, an online virtual meeting hall, vendor area and networking space were built from scratch.

“We had already invested quite a bit of time and energy when the pandemic struck and made gathering in large groups irresponsible. Our goal then shifted to virtually recreate the scheduled in-person event including audience engagement, panel discussions and promotional item distribution,” says Thomas Royal, marketing manager for CHESS. “Our organization fosters creative thinking and problem solving, so it was never a matter of ‘if’ but a question of ‘how.'”

MarCom Award judges are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talents exceed a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry. There were over 5,000 entries from 20 countries in the MarCom Awards 2020 competition.