Empowering physicians and health systems to make the transition to value-based care.

Get Back to Practicing Medicine.

We consistently hear from our provider partners who are battling fatigue and physician burnout. CHESS will transform how health care is delivered, allowing providers to get back to practicing medicine and improving the health of patients through value-based care.

Who We Serve

Health Systems

When it comes to making a move to value, health systems and integrated delivery networks face numerous challenges.

How do organizations sustain financial viability in a volume-driven fee-for-service world while transitioning to value, all while avoiding unnecessary re-admissions and facing increasing expenses and decreasing government subsidies?

We provide the tools and resources to actively drive the transition to value in this unique market segment.

Physician Groups

Many physicians feel they have no control over their destiny in today’s ever-changing health care environment.

We provide physician groups the ability to actively transform to value-based care in their practices.

Accountable Care Organizations

Position yourself to best understand the health of the population under your care.

Accountable Care Organizations approved by Medicare or a commercial carrier improve the delivery of care and reduce the cost of care for the patients they manage.  CHESS partners with you to be best positioned to understand the health of the population under your management and implement organizational strategies that improve quality and reduce costs.

Independent Physician Associations

Helping an independent physician association remain independent.

Many Independent Physician Associations struggle with driving change organizationally, aggregating their information from multiple EMRs, and gaining visibility into the data required to make the move to value.

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Yates Lennon, MD, MMM, CHESS Health Solutions president, explains why CHESS continues to achieve consistent long-term success helping value partners make the transformation to fee-for-value and how those relationships benefit everyone involved – especially the patient.

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