Move to Value Podcast

Melissa Pollock, M.Div., CHC – The Road to ACO REACH

Today we have the first in a series of conversations about ACO REACH with Melissa Pollock, Director of ACO Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at CHESS Health Solutions, who was instrumental in navigating all of the processes for acceptance into the…

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Laneita Williamson, RN, BSN – Trauma-Informed Care

Today we talk with Laneita Williamson the trauma informed care manager at CareNet, who shares with us the effect of trauma on a patient, and also ways it can impact their care, and techniques for managing this potential barrier to…

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Amber Malone-Wright – What is Clinical Documentation Improvement?

This episode is the second installment about Clinical Documentation and Coding. Today, we have a conversation about Clinical Documentation Improvement with Amber Malone-Wright, Director of Clinical Documentation Integrity at CHESS Health Solutions. I want to pick your brain about clinical…

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